2020-2021 Collaborative Capacity Building Opportunities


A strong and skilled nonprofit workforce is crucial to the health of our Jefferson communities. Furthering the Jefferson Regional Foundation’s and Jefferson

Community Collaborative’s workforce development priority, we’re partnering with the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management to provide exciting capacity building and skill development opportunities for organizations and their staff members who serve our South Hills and Mon Valley communities. These opportunities are offered for free through a grant from the Jefferson Regional Foundation.


Our Fall 2020 Trainings Include:

  • Thursday, Oct 8th at 10 am | Collaboration: Making Real Impact Without “Make-Work” and “Fake-Work”: Collaboration is a concept we all agree is important and necessary to make real change. But the rewards are possible – AND achievable. Learn about the key ingredients to using collaborative models and leveraging formal partnerships to help you achieve your mission in a more effective way. Instructor: Yvonne VanHaistma, Associate Director, Covestro Center for Community Engagement.  View the recording here.
  • Tuesday, Oct 20th at 10 am | Managing a Remote Workforce: This session covers techniques needed to manage a team of employees that are working remotely, combining different tools that will help you rise to the challenge of working with and managing remote team members. You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively and how to make remote workers feel like part of the team. Instructor: Kristen Guy, Director of Human Resources, Robert Morris University.  View the recording here.
  • Tuesday, Nov 17th at 1 pm | Managing a Remote Board: Join us for this practical, action-oriented session where we’ll be exploring innovative ways to connect with and make the most of your governing leadership. We’ll cover strategies for maximizing virtual board and committee meetings as well as fresh ways to stay engaged between regular meetings, all while keeping the team in-step with your strategic direction and mission impact. Instructor: Warwick Powell, Executive Service Corps.  Register here!
  • Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 10-11:30am | Difficult, Courageous, Productive Conversations: “I love confrontation,” said no one ever. Can we have difficult and courageous conversations in ways that are productive? How can we enter these conversations confidently, and use them to build up and strengthen our teams, our communities and our families – not tear them down? This session asserts that hard conversations are essential to growth – and provides you with tools and practice to have them. Instructor: Trina Walker, TLW Strategy  Register here!


Additional Capacity-Building Offerings:

  • One-on-One Consults: On The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management is offering one-on-one, confidential, hour-long consult sessions to help provide guidance to nonprofit leaders in the following five areas: governance, finance, HR, fundraising and executive leadership. The Bayer Center will connect you with a senior-level consultant from their network of 70+ Executive Service Corps professionals. If you are interested in setting up a consult appointment for your organization, please contact the Foundation’s Community Engagement Manager Colleen Cadman at colleen.cadman@jeffersonrf.org.