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New Jefferson Counts Pledge Cards!

Research has shown that it takes 7 to 12 touch points, or reminders, to complete a civic engagement action such as completing the Census form! One crucial way we are reminding community members is through these pledge cards. Pledge cards have been proven to be an effective tool to increase turnout and participation for civic actions. This February, Jefferson Counts is launching a pledge card drive called “Pledge to be Counted”. Our goal is to have 5,000 Jefferson area residents pledge to complete their Census form. Champion organizations are encouraged to educate community members and have them pledge to complete their Census form this spring!


Want to learn more about February “Pledge to Be Counted” Month? Click here to watch a recording of our webinar launch!



How do I get pledge cards for my organization?

Contact Amy Wisseman ( | 412-267-6773).




What do I do with completed pledge cards? 

Return the collected pledge cards in bulk to Jefferson Regional Foundation no later than March 1st. Jefferson Regional Foundation will mail the pledge cards to community members during mid-march as a means to promote Census participation. Instructions for the pledge cards can be found here. Simply mail the pledge cards to Jefferson Regional Foundation or contact Amy for an alternative collection method. 



The Jefferson Counts Census Toolkit

This Jefferson Counts Census toolkit equips Census Champion organizations with the tools and resources they need to reach deeply into our local communities to ensure that everyone is counted. Census Champions are encouraged to tailor the provided resources and messaging included in this toolkit to best reach their targeted audiences. Please feel free to share this toolkit with anyone who might be educating local residents on the 2020 Census!


Download the Census toolkit!




Resources for Download

Please click the links below to access additional Jefferson Counts Census resources, or click the button below to access them all in a dropbox for your convenience!

Download All Census Materials Here

Census Data Resources 

Census Presentation Slide Deck

Census Quiz 

Jefferson Counts Posters and Insert 

Social Media Graphics 

Email Signature

Help us spread the word about the Census in every email you send. Add the following to your signature line in your emails.


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Template Letter/ Email for Community Support 

Census Messages

Share Localized Census Messages! Census Champions are encouraged to share Census messaging with your community members to promote Census participation. We encourage you to use these sample messages to promote the Census on Social Media. Please use the Jefferson Community Collaborative Census hashtag #JeffersonCounts to accompany your social media posts. Click here to view a PDF of the provided Census messages.

Jefferson Counts Branding & Logos 

25 Ideas for Census Outreach

Additional Resources 

Guidelines for Use of Jefferson Counts Materials

  1. Add your organization’s logo or event info to any Jefferson Counts materials or posters.
  2. Please do not alter or remove colors or existing logos.
  3. Feel free to adjust any messaging to fit the needs of your audience.


Interested in connecting with Jefferson Counts? Need assistance finding Census resources? Have a Census question?

Please contact or call 412-267-6773.