Jefferson Forum: Kick Off Resources

Jefferson Forum: Morning Kick-Off

Description: We were inspired by the 220 participants who were able to attend; by our Local Leaders of Transformation Panelists who shared wisdom and insights on how we can continue to embrace transformation in the

coming months; by the talented team from Arcade Comedy Theater who provided a lighthearted improv comedy break; and by the many new ideas and connections shared as participants concluded the morning with Jefferson Café

Discussion time.

Thanks to our Speakers:

  • Local Leaders of Transformation Panelists
    • Austin Davis – PA State Rep, District 35
    • Angela Garcia – Executive Director, Global Links
    • Jim Guffey – Executive Director, South Hills Interfaith Movement
    • Dr. T. Charles Howell – Director of Workforce Development, Mon Valley Initiative
    • Giulia Lozza Petrucci – Executive Director, Dragon’s Den
  • The Team from Arcade Comedy Theatre