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Jefferson Regional Foundation is Seeking Spotlight Presenters  for the


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Please be sure to click here and read these instructions thoroughly before applying to be a Spotlight Presenter.

Video Applications are due no later than end of day on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.


The interactive activity highlighted at this year’s Forum will be Spotlight Presentations that recognize and/or inspire resilience at an individual, community, or organizational level. We are offering opportunities for Jefferson Area leaders and organizations to share brief, compelling presentations or stories of resilience at this year’s Forum!

By applying to be a Spotlight Presenter, organizations will have the opportunity to inspire resilience for an audience of more than 250 individuals from Jefferson communities and be highlighted in Forum materials.

We have a select number of Spotlight opportunities available. To become a Spotlight Presenter, we ask organizations to apply by submitting a 3-5 minute sample video presentation and filling out a brief online form. Please be sure to click here and read these instructions thoroughly before applying to be a Spotlight Presenter.

We look forward to hearing creative presentation ideas and we sincerely hope you’ll consider applying! For individuals looking to attend the Forum, online registration for the May 8th Forum will open in early April, so please be on the lookout for an invitation email soon.


Jefferson Forum: Spotlight Presentation Details & Application Information

What is a Spotlight Presentation?

Spotlight presentations are live, oral stories/presentations between three and five minutes in length shared with all 250 Forum attendees. Spotlight presentations will not include PowerPoint presentations and will rely on one person speaking to the audience and sharing their perspective and stories. Spotlight presentations will be scheduled throughout the day of the Forum, so flexibility and availability on Wednesday, May 8th is vital.

The 3-5-minute spotlight presentations will inspire and/or recognize resilience, focusing specifically on community priorities identified from over 100 Around the Table South conversations with 1,000 Jefferson residents to make connections, share ideas, and inspire action.  The community priorities identified from the initiative called Around the Table South include:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Economic Issues and Poverty
  • Equity & Social Inclusion
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Youth Development


Who We’re Looking For

We are seeking to attract diversity of thought, professional background, race and ethnicity, and cultural perspective in our spotlight presentations which should be dynamic, engaging, inspiring, and creative. We believe health and wellness integrate into all aspects of life, so we encourage examples of multi-sector partnerships and collaboration. Preference for spotlight presentations will be given to Jefferson Community Collaborative member organizations and organizations/individuals who participated in the Foundation’s Around the Table South initiative.  Spotlight presentations can include stories, partnerships, and examples of recognizing and/or inspiring individual, community, or organizational resilience.


Why Apply

The Jefferson Forum has an attendance each year of over 250 participants and takes place at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South in Bethel Park. If you or your organization is chosen as a spotlight presenter, you will be highlighted in all Forum materials and in announcements leading up to the event. In addition, you will be inspiring a diverse group of local individuals from Jefferson communities including libraries, human service organizations, community development groups, clinical providers, and nonprofit organizations.


How to Apply

Since these spotlights will be live presentations, Jefferson Regional Foundation is requesting video applications from our partners. Video submissions can be made from any smartphone and don’t need to be of professional recording quality. Please submit your 3-5-minute video application for your spotlight presentation recognizing and/or inspiring resilience on civic engagement, economic issues and poverty, equity and social inclusion, health and wellness, mental health, and/or youth development at the application link here no later than end of day on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Please ensure your video submission is between 3-5 minutes and provide the following:

  • A brief introduction, including:
    • The community priority you will be addressing (civic engagement, economic issues and poverty, equity and social inclusion, health and wellness, mental health, and/or youth development)
    • If your presentation is speaking from an individual, organizational, or community level
    • Your connection to the Jefferson community
  • Your presentation of recognizing and/or inspiring resilience, demonstrating how you plan to present it creatively and compellingly

Spotlight presentations will be chosen and notified by Foundation staff by the week of April 22nd.


Instructions for Submitting Your Video Application

  1. Record your video and upload the file to a personal or organizational channel on YouTube
  2. Click on our Spotlight Presentation Video Application Button below
  3. Fill in some brief information in the form (Name, Organization, Phone, Email, Priority Area, Presentation Focus, and brief description) on the form
  4. Insert a link to your YouTube video and hit “submit” at the bottom of the page

You will receive a confirmation email letting you know when we have received your submission.

For Technical Assistance: Please call Program Associate Colleen Cadman at 412-267-6774 if you are experiencing any technical difficulties in uploading your video to YouTube or submitting your video link in our online form.


Apply Here to be a Spotlight Presenter