Clairton natives give back to their hometown

(by Jennifer R. Vertullo / TribLive)

Decades after leaving Clairton to start their careers, the Meena brothers have returned to their hometown as business partners who want to meet the needs of their former neighbors.

Ed and Scott Meena, who grew up along School Street near the city’s football stadium and graduated from Clairton High School in 1965 and 1971, respectively, returned to Clairton this summer with a truck full of fresh produce. They started a produce stand along Route 837 and moved it to Worthington Avenue a few weeks later.

“This isn’t really a moneymaker,” Scott Meena said. “This is to provide a service as much as anything else.”

With no grocery stores within city limits, Clairton residents have few options for purchasing fresh food close to home. While convenience stores and pharmacies sell staples including milk and bread, there is limited access to fruits and vegetables.