Proposal Review

What questions does the staff or Board consider as they review your Letter of Intent or grant proposal? Here are some key questions for your guidance as you make your case.

  • Is this a match to the Foundation’s mission and priorities?
  • Is there a demonstrated and compelling local need in the target communities south of Pittsburgh, PA?
  • Is there a clear, detailed plan and objectives to address the identified need?
  • Does it use best or promising practices and is it replicable?
  • Does it duplicate other programs?
  • Does the organization have the expertise and capability to implement this project?
  • Are the right partnerships engaged to implement and sustain?
  • Is the budget aligned with the plan and is it feasible?
  • What is the community impact and how will this be demonstrated?

Please note that submission of a Letter of Intent or a proposal is not a guarantee of funding.  While your proposal and project may be very worthwhile, the Foundation has limited resources and will receive more requests than it can fund.