Grant Priorities

The Jefferson Regional Foundation, with target communities south of Pittsburgh, PA, has used the Jefferson Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment as an important source of community information to identify grantmaking priorities (see Community Reports). The Foundation intends to engage with Jefferson Hospital and community partners in an ongoing assessment and review of community needs. This will result in the evolution of grantmaking priorities over time.

The Foundation has identified three priority areas for its initial grantmaking, which are described below.

Increasing health access and prevention

  • Reduce barriers to accessing health and human services such as those related to information, insurance and transportation
  • Develop prevention, awareness or improved integration of mental health and substance abuse
  • Promote food security, nutrition and physical activity for better health and quality of life
  • Foster community-based prevention and education programs that improve quality of life or health status
  • Support community and domestic violence prevention programs

Improving child and family outcomes

  • Enable high-quality maternal and infant services to promote parent engagement and strong child development
  • Increase access to high-quality early childhood centers across the region
  • Support high-quality afterschool and summer programming across the region, which enhances safety, academic performance and life skills

Strengthening vulnerable populations and communities  

  • Focus on low-income residents or households across the Jefferson region
  • Increase opportunities for refugee, immigrant, and international populations
  • Support the transition of recent military veterans
  • Improve access to information and independence of older adults and their caregivers
  • Build capacity of community organizations for local impact
  • Strengthen and develop community leadership across the Jefferson region