Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent (LOI) are accepted throughout the year via our online grant system. The LOI enables you to provide an overview of your proposed project, objectives and capabilities through the following questions. Please refer to the instructions for guidance and access to apply online. We encourage you to visit the rest of the website for additional information about the Foundation’s mission, priorities and grants process before you apply or contact us.

What should a Letter of Intent include?

  1. The goals and objectives of the project
  2. Alignment with Foundation priorities
  3. Summary info about the organization, including the organization’s tax identification number and its capabilities
  4. A description of the community need or issue
  5. A description of the proposed project
  6. General idea of project costs
  7. Contact information for the project leader (phone, email and address)
  8. Signature by the chief executive of the organization
  9. An uploaded copy of your IRS tax-exempt determination 501(c)(3) letter. Contact the Foundation office at 412-990-7111 or via email at foundation.info@jeffersonrf.org if you are unable to complete this step.

You will receive notification from our online grant system that the Letter of Intent has been received and can expect to hear from Foundation staff within three weeks. Before issuing an invitation to submit a full proposal, Foundation staff will talk with you, explore additional questions, and examine whether a program or a project is a good potential match to the Foundation’s mission and priorities.