The process of seeking grant support from the Jefferson Regional Foundation begins with the completion of an electronic Letter of Intent after a potential grantee has conducted a thorough review of the guidelines and resources available on this website including eligibility, the service area south of Pittsburgh, PA, and grantmaking priorities. In response to your Letter of Intent, Foundation staff will talk with you, explore additional questions, and examine whether a program or project is a good match to the Foundation’s mission and priorities before the effort required to submit a full proposal. Access to the Foundation’s online proposal application is provided directly by Foundation staff.

The outline below replicates the questions and the attachments requested in our online proposal—it is provided as guidance in your proposal planning process.

Grant Proposal Outline

Organization Section

  • Mission of the Organization
  • Brief History and major general accomplishments of the organization (not just related to the project)
  • Major programs, services and facilities (multiple offices or sites)
  • Describe the population served and the service area
  • No. of full-time staff
  • Do volunteers play any key roles beyond Board service?
  • How does your Board represent the community(ies) you serve?
  • How often does your Board meet and how are members engaged?


  • Total current fiscal year budget amount for the organization
  • Total annual budget amount for the previous fiscal year
  • Primary sources of funding by percentage
  • Any previous funding you have received from Jefferson Regional Foundation

Project Section

  • Project Title
  • Purpose of the grant (one sentence summary – 100 words maximum)
  • Grant period (e.g. less than one year, one year, two years, three years, other note)
  • Intended start date of grant
  • Total cost of the project
  • Amount of request to Jefferson Regional Foundation (attach budget/narrative)
  • Type of grant: existing program/project, new program/project, capacity-building, capital, operating, fellowship/scholarship
  • Please describe the community problem this project addresses (Who/what is affected, how, and to what extent? Indicate the evidence of the problem. What other attempts to address or reduce the problem have been attempted and what has been the result?)
  • Project description: Please present your project plan. What activities will take place, when/where, and who will implement them? (timeline can be attached)
  • Describe the target population/community you will serve. How are you engaging the target community throughout the project?
  • What is the intended impact of this project? List 3-4 key objectives of the project and how each will be measured.
  • Describe why this approach was chosen and whether it uses any promising or best practices. Does this build upon other programs or services and how is it unique?
  • Describe any project partners and their roles. (attach letters of support)
  • What kinds of evaluation data does the organization currently collect and how is it used?
  • Describe your organization’s capacity and expertise to implement this project. Have similar projects or programs been successful? How will this project be integrated within the organization?
  • Please list your other sources of support or funding partners for this project. How will this project or its impact be sustained after this grant?
  • How does this project specifically fit the priorities and focus elements of the Jefferson Regional Foundation?
  • How does this meet the Foundation’s required geographic target area?


  1. Board List with professional affiliations
  2. Organization’s most recent audit
  3. Project budget
  4. Organization’s current budget
  5. Letters of support (if appropriate)
  6. Organization’s current strategic plan (if available)
  7. Other optional information—Annual report, timeline, brochure or other project material

See or request separate Budget Template