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Jefferson Regional Foundation welcomes your interest in our website and the well-being of the communities served by Jefferson Hospital (see Jefferson area) south of Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to grantmaking, the Foundation is committed to education and outreach as an essential tool to implement our mission. These activities require community-wide engagement and great partnerships.  A number of our principles point to these activities. The Foundation is interested in gathering, sharing and leveraging important information about community resources, and existing and emerging needs. We believe in promoting and strengthening the community’s assets as we extend the mission of Jefferson Hospital. We are interested in building the capacity of community organizations, and attracting other resources and partners who share our vision. The Jefferson Community Directory can identify key organizations and our community reports page, which includes a link to the Jefferson Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment among other helpful reports, can provide essential data and context. The Foundation was newly focused and funded in 2013 (see History) and will also be developing initiatives that will support its priorities.