With a broad interest in community health, the Foundation focuses on six priority areas. The Foundation's service area consists of communities in the South Hills and lower Mon Valley served by Jefferson Hospital. For more information about our grant priorities, guidelines and process, visit the Grants page.

Community Data

The Foundation seeks to promote health and vitality of communities by gathering and sharing community data. Our Changing Communities focuses on changing demographics, economic mobility, and community health. Community Snapshots issued in 2023 utilize 2020 census data to tell the story of community needs and services.

Akoya works with Jefferson Regional Foundation

Akoya is happy to be working with Jefferson Regional Foundation on their brand identity. The new grantmaking organization in Pittsburgh was formed in March 2013 when Jefferson Hospital merged with the Allegheny Health Network. The Foundation will improve the health and well-being of residents in southern Pittsburgh communities through grantmaking, education, and outreach. Read more […]

Jefferson Foundation director has spent career helping others

(by Kathleen Ganster) Mary Phan-Gruber has always wanted to help others. Since serving as a Vista Volunteer after she graduated from Muskingum College — to her new role as the executive director of Jefferson Regional Foundation, Every professional position that Ms. Phan-Gruber has held has had some component of helping others. “I’ve always wanted to […]

Investing in the Health & Vitality of Jefferson Hospital Communities