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A meal and conversation: South Hills ‘table talk’ leads to mini-grants to tackle big issues

RICH LORD, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- April 19, 2019   They say that talk is cheap, but Mary Phan-Gruber is trying to turn a bunch of conversations that happened six months ago into some spending — plus more talk. Ms. Phan-Gruber, executive director of the Jefferson Regional Foundation, is the force behind October’s Around the Table South effort, which […]


Mental health education cited as biggest issue during South Hills roundtables

STEPHANIE HACKE | Monday, April 29, 2019 1:30 a.m. Residents across the South Hills want to see more education done surrounding issues of mental health and addiction. They want support groups formed and to ensure that people have access to help when needed. On April 17, the Jefferson Regional Foundation released a report detailing the conversations of […]